A Swedish Romance (Pt 4)

The last few weeks have just flown by. Aidan has a busy schedule. I get up round half seven, then start getting him up around eight. It takes me just under an hour to getting him up, fed and watered. I can be quite tired by the end of it all.

Then it’s a small walk to his lecture theatre. He likes me to go with him to open the doors and swipe his card through security. He is close to some of classmates but only a few. I point out the pretty girls that he should try to make moves on. He thinks I’m teasing him but I’m not. He actually has quite alot going for him. He’s very intelligent especially at Math. Hopefully, he will make a ton when he’s older. He also has a good sense of humor. Those girls are missing out. Not that I had much sense at that age. I wanted a hunk and had sex with quite a few of them. It was a good period in my life.

Aidan usually spends his evening in the student bar. It’s not my cup of tea as they say here. He can get quite tipsy so I like to walk home with him. He can talk alot of rubbish late at night. At least, he is always a gentlemen. Well, most of the time anyway. I caught him checking out my boobs one night when I was taking off his shirt. I didn’t embarrass him by commenting and it only lasted a few seconds anyway. He is only a man after all.

My weekends are totally free. The campus gets eerily quiet. I try to pass the time reading but I do be happy to see Aidan coming back. Maybe I should steal him for some weekend. No, we would just both be bored.

At least I have Erik’s email to occupy my mind. He is my boyfriend back home. It’s difficult for us to be apart. He writes that I am always in his thoughts.

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