Wheelchair Wars Pt. 12

Timothy and Audrey were in his room reviewing their next challenge. It would be against a team from dreaded Beta, who were notorious for goading the family of their victims and it would involve not only leaving their layer of the city, but the city altogether. This was beyond either of their wildest dreams or rather nightmares. The atmosphere was toxic and the planet surface was almost devoid of all life. One cut on their protective suit leading to a painful end.

Both teams would commence at the top of the feared Mount Mangerton that was littered with the skulls of the dead. It was a steep mountain, with jagged cliffs and at times they would be practically falling down the slopes on their ski wheelchairs. The first five members to cross the line win. Or in the quite likely outcome that many from either team do not survive, then it goes to four, three, two and then one. No survivors can make a great spectacle for the masses.

“What do you think Audrey?”

“Well, we are Omega, we will find a way.”

She wasn’t as fearsome when she sat in an ordinary wheelchair. Timothy mind was drifting now.

“I truly hope you are right. I think there are some opportunities to get an advantage here at these squeeze point, I’m just not sure yet.”

Placing her hand on his.

“You’ll find them.”

Her touch was warm and gentle. It sent a pulse through his body. She removed it all to quickly.

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