Wheelchair Wars (Pt 13)

As Timothy looked out through his visor at the purple sky, he knew that he would never forget this time cycle. Even if it was to be his last, it would have been worth it. The world and even existence itself was so much bigger than he ever thought possible.

It had been a long journey for him and the rest of his team of warriors to reach the summit of Mount Mangerton. They each made their own way through the bowels of the foul city. Then onto hovering cabins that travelled at an unfathomable speed. His father told him that they were called “trains”.

Most of the journey was in darkness as it pummeled through the city, But then there was light. Timothy looked out in wonder at the tall mountains in the rugged, rocky, reddish landscape. It was unlike anything he had previously seen.

It still took hours before the first sighting of their destination.

Mount Mangerton stood out from everything around it. The train dropped them off many miles from the destination but it still covered half the sky. A speaker warned the passengers of the toxic atmosphere and protective suits that had to be put on. They then entered a steel cabin that lifted them up to a small settlement at the summit.

It took a few hours for everybody to arrive. Now his comrades were to his left and right. Beta were disembarking from the other side but they would quickly merge at the first choking point for battle.

Now, he had to hope all that training paid off.

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