August update

Hello my dear readers. I do hope you are all keeping good. Alas, my holidays are over so I won’t be able to write as often as I had been doing. I have to say it was a great break. The Fleadh was brilliant and the throngs of people, music and atmosphere is something I will never forget. The auld liver won’t forget either.

At moment as you will have noticed, I’m mostly writing romance and science fiction these days.

I’m thinking of turning my romance short stories into a short book. I might need one or two more stories to go with it. Do hope that you are enjoying them.

As regards the science fiction, I’m thinking of making Wheelchair Wars into a book but once more, there is a long way to go. I have a fairly clear idea of where I want it to go.

This month has been the best ever for my blog with 360 views so far. I got 68 views in one day! It still needs to be rejigged somewhat but I guess it will always be about constant improvement.

As always be great to hear back from my readers so don’t be afraid to leave a comment.

Till next time.

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