Wheelchair Wars (Part 14)

And they were off. Five teammates to his left and four to his right. It didn’t take them long to pick up immense speed. Never before had he felt such exhilaration as he slid down the dirty white surface. Split second decisions constantly had to be made. Turn left or turn right. It was all happening so fast.

And then there were eight. Two of his teammates made bad decisions. One of them hit a rock, leading to only small parts of the wheelchair to continue on the journey. The other made an incorrect turn and flew off the side of the mountain to certain death.

Only seconds later and they would meet the Beta. Timothy could sense the fear from the others through his visor’s communication device so he shouted –

“Glory to the Omega”

Then, far more more importantly the instructions “Action 1”.

With this, they formed a pincer formation. They were closer together, a solid centre. It had taken hours to perfect in training. One false move and they would crash into each other obliterating their chances.

Then the first sighting of Beta came from 9 o’clock. They headed straight for each other. Beta panicked when they saw the tight formation with many veering off course in fear to certain annihilation. The few that were remaining were quickly shredded by the tightly packed saws and swords that jutted out from the ski-wheelchairs as the mountainside turned crimson.

It was all over quickly.

“Action 2”

With the enemy vanquished, they expanded the distance from one another and slowed as much as they could. No point taking risks as they safely made their way down the mountain.

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