Wheelchair Wars (Part 15)

Timothy hadn’t realized how stratospheric this victory would be. His Dad told him that it had been beamed throughout the planet.

“Everybody, even at the highest layers now knows your name.”

It took over a time cycle for him to get back to the base. Huge crowds lined every tunnel. Some reached out in their rags and tried to touch him as if he had magical power.

Pregnant mothers roared out that they wanted their babies to have his twisted limbs and to be just like him. It was something that he had never expected to hear.

He was exhausted on his return but there was no time for rest. Once again, his father undressed him and left him naked on the bed. He still wasn’t sure what to make of what was happening.

This time a different woman entered his room. He suddenly felt strange, she was beautiful and unlike anything that he had seen before. She was black; naturally, not from the pollution that pervaded the city. Her dark eyes and sublime smile immediately seduced him.

“Don’t worry I will look after you champ.”

And she did. It was an experience unlike any other.

But this time, the celebrations were still not over. He was woken and dressed by his father, then brought out where all the team was assembled. They were given a drink called whiskey. The taste was strange, but they drank a few cups each. He began to feel strange. Happy, then sad. He thought about the two team members that had died on the mountain – Ciaran and Mairead. He could see tears rolling down Audrey’s face and went to be by her side.

“You okay?

“Not really, I’m going to miss Mairead. I keep thinking of her falling down that stupid mountain.”

“You still have me?”

“But for how long?”

With that, she left the group to be on her own.

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