Wheelchair Wars (Part 18)

The Gargantuan world is bereft of Civilization due to their ferocity. But they escape extermination only due to my admiration – The Emperor.

It was like a different planet. They had come from darkness and sickness. But here, the tunnels were lit brightly, and they were spacious with marble floors. Even, the simple act of breathing was different on this level. There was no filth or dust in the air. Timothy noticed that his father had even stopped coughing. People were more beautiful on this level too; they all had their teeth and were dressed in immaculate white or navy robes. Nobody looked old.

Timothy noticed that they were lauded wherever they went. Crowds would reach out to touch them as they yelled and screamed their adoration. It made him feel awkward and unworthy. Their previous battles had been watched, even here at this high level.

They were provided with a new camp close to the Groak Stadium. It was the only place where they could talk together as a group.

“So how are you all finding Level 1?” Timothy asked.


“Like a dream.”


He nodded in agreement as he looked around at their new base. It even had windows where you could see the purple sky surrounding distant mountains.

The fight was due to take place in five time-cycles. There was much preparation that needed to be done. First, they would need to see the fighting arena though.

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