Wheelchair Wars (Part 19)

There is no such thing as good or evil, only servitude to your God – The Emperor

They were permitted just one visit to the legendary Groak stadium prior to their battle. It was not surprising. The stadium was much more famous for its glorious battles and raucous atmosphere than the planet itself and was well-known throughout the quadrant. Huge masses of people visited it every day even when it was not in use.

Timothy was mesmerized by what he saw. The stands were sheer like a cliff face and stretched upwards as far as he could see. The battle area was extensive. He noted that the surface was sandy, probably to suit the Gargantuan but it made it difficult for their wheels. They would need to change to tracks.

Some of the group started to pace around the battleground, making sure they understood its proper scale. Like a well-oiled machine they then all gathered in the center for a battle talk.

Audrey was the first to chime in.

“So, what’s the plan Timothy?”

“Space, we must use this huge battlefield to our advantage. That and work together. On our own we are nothing but as Omega we can destroy anybody. Yes, this Gargantuan is terrifying but so are we. This is our opportunity for glory and a life that we could never have imagined.”

Then the chanting began.

“Omega, omega!”

Timothy let the chanting reverberate through him. He looked at those around him and wondered if any would survive.

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