Wheelchair Wars (Part 20)

Gargantuans love tearing humans to pieces. It’s like a pasttime to them. They enjoy playing with their food – General Mudd

Timothy was relaxing on his bed. It was so much more comfortable at this level just like everything else. There was now just one time cycle away from going to battle. His preparation and research were now complete. Within the next two hours he would divulge his plans to his battle group. They would either agree to follow his battle plans to the letter or they would die.

There was then a small knock on the door, and he heard a quiet but recognizable voice. It was Caoimhne asking if she could come in. She always spoke so softly.


She was in her manual wheelchair and only just about managed to push the door open.

“I was feeling.. I don’t know.”

“It’s alright, the big battle is not too far off, I understand.”

“Can I lay down next to you?”

“Yeah, sure.”

It was a large double bed so there was enough space. He had only shared his bed for sex though and he found his heart had started beating that bit faster.

She elegantly parked parallel to the other side of the bed before maneuvering herself on to it

“These really are so comfortable. I just wanted to be with someone. Tomorrow, one or both of us may be dead.”

“You shouldn’t think like that.”

“You know, I’ve never kissed someone. I know women are sent into you and the rest lads of the battles. They are usually so beautiful. I’d really like to experience it. Can I kiss you?

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

With that, she leaned towards and kissed. Then she wrapped her arms around him till it was time for the battle plan.

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