Wheelchair Wars (Part 21)

Every day is a good day for you to die – The Emperor

Timothy thought that he was ready for anything. But when Timothy woke the morning of the battle the room was already shaking as sounds reverberated through. All he could do was wait the few minutes and listen till his Da arrived to get him up.

“What’s happening?”

“Everything is okay. The crowd is already building in the stadium. It’s already almost completely full, they say. The noise is so loud that it transmits through the structures of the city and that is what you are feeling now. The level of excitement is incredible. No matter what happens today son, I am so proud of you son.”

The next few hours went by in something of a haze for Timothy. Fortunately, his plans were already in place and all the preparation had already been done. He made sure to take the time to speak to each of his fighters.

“Trust in the plan. We will get through this.”

Some, such as Audrey looked back at him with steely determination. With others, such as Caoimhne you could sense the fear. Still, he trusted all to do their duty.

Finally, it came time to leave.

There were met by huge crowds each corner they turned, that roared their love. Some of the women even through their bras at them. But Timothy kept his concentration on what he would ultimately be facing. The exultation could wait.

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