Wheelchair Wars (Part 25)

To question The Emperor is to embrace Chaos and certain death – The Emperor

Timothy had never expected to meet the Governor, even if he managed to live an eternity. And yet, here he was standing just a few feet away from him. The Governor was The Emperor’s direct representative in the megacity. It was like being that much closer to God himself.

The room was large and cavernous, with murals of The Emperor on the walls and ceilings. The Governer, himself looked old and frail, with long white hair and he was adorned with jewelry. It was rumored that he had been one of the first inhabitants of this world. He was flanked by two Imperial Guardsmen.

“Thank you for your attendance. I watched your battle with great interest. You both fought bravely. The Emperor would indeed be proud.”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“I’m afraid that you have been summoned under difficult circumstances. Our world now faces its darkest hour. There are whispers that the forces of chaos have entered the bottom of the city and are already beginning to infect The Emperor’s subjects. The disease will spread up the layers of the city and The Emperor will be forced to exterminate all life on the planet. But you two have strong minds. That was the purpose of the games, to extricate the best from the general population. Strong and fearless minds are required to stop the corruption of chaos.

You will now carry out an exterminatus, kill all those you suspect of disloyalty to The Emperor. You, Tomothy are being given control of one hundred troopers. Audrey, if he dies or you suspect chaos, you are to assume command. You leave in two hours.

“Thank you, Guardian.”

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