Wheelchair Wars (Part 26)

Hours later and they were heading to the base of the city. Going to the very bottom of the giant metropolis, they had to take a very circuitous route. It was the first time that Timothy got to see how life grew more difficult with each level they went down. Fine clothes and people with excellent health gave way to rags and people with sores covering their bodies. They reached the level from where he came. He had hoped to never again have to come this way and his skin immediately began to itch.

Why did The Emperor allow people to live like this?

Why were some so much better off than others?

He tried to scrub such thoughts from his mind for he knew it could lead to the power of chaos.

They cheered by all that saw them. Himself and Audrey, especially were now heroes to the impoverished masses.

After going through narrow tunnels for what seemed an epoch, they reached the elevator that would bring they them even further down into the abyss. Audrey informed the troops to prepare their weapons. Timothy was unsure about what to expect. They readied their weapons. The door of the lift slowly opened.

They were met by a horrendous smell. In the distance, ratis scurried away. His wheelchair slipped and slided in the filth on the ground.

It was time to take charge.

“Establish a perimeter!”

The troops quickly fanned out.

“So what now?” Audrey enquired.

“First, we’ll secure this area. The reports of Chaos come from a settlement some distance away but it’s imperative to secure our rear before an assault.”

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