Love and War (Pt. 3)

Tatiana thrashed back and forth in her bed. But it was of no use. She couldn’t get her mind to think of anything else other than the guy she had seen earlier in the day. He was so handsome sitting there in his wheelchair. His face was masculine, with a square jaw and beautiful blue eyes. Even his bit of stubble looked good. He had a bit of a belly and skinny legs. Oh, how she wanted to reach out and touch them. To caress his body and run her fingers through his jet black hair.

No, this can’t be normal, to feel so attracted to someone. What is wrong with her? Is she a freak?

How did he become disabled anyway?

Would he be able to feel her touch?

Was that his girlfriend? What was it they said in Ireland? The bitch.

All these thoughts ran ferociously through her mind. The sweat was dripping from her now so she threw one of the covers off her bed.

She had to see him again.

There was only one thing to do. Visit the coffee shop at the same the next day. Was that not stalking though? It would have to remain her dirty secret.

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