Love and War Pt. 5 (Romance)

Tatiana looked closely at the mirror to make sure she was looking her best. She wasn’t fully happy but it would have to do or she would miss the event. Hopefully, he would be there, but if not it was a great opportunity to make new friends anyway.

Hastily, she locked her apartment door. It was cold and breezy outside. She hoped that it wouldn’t toss her long blonde hair.

A crowd had already formed around the coffee shop. Bumping her way through people, she made her way inside and towards the counter.

“Ah Tatiana love, great to see you. I was worried you might not come and looking so beautiful too. Now, will you buy one of these little buns? Two euro each. All proceeds go to your country, Ukraine.”

“Yes, of course”

“Ah, great here ya go. Now those lovely people I was telling you about are over there. Go over there and have a chat. I told them to expect you.”

Tatiana turned around and there he was with his sister.

Her heart fluttered.

“Hi, I’m Tatiana.”

They raised their heads up from the table. The sister spoke first.

“Oh, hi Tatiana, Nellie told us all about you. Sit down there. My name is Laura and this is my brother Daniel.

“Hi,” said Daniel sheepishly.

“Nice to meet the two of yous.”

Tatiana nervously took a chair from the other table and sat down beside them. She was worried about what to say but needn’t have. Laura took the lead.

“So, Nellie was telling us you’re from Ukraine. Awful what’s happening over there.”

“Yes, it is. I worry about my parents. They were too old to come.”

Her eyes began to well up.

Laura put her hand on her shoulder to comfort her.

“Perhaps we’ll talk about something else,” Daniel said, “What are your hobbies?”

He spoke in a deep, entrancing voice.

“Oh, I love science fiction.”

“Oh no,” Laura said to laughing from Daniel, “you too will get on great!”

For the next hour and a couple of buns each, they chatted away. Tatiana noticed how Laura would attend to Daniel’s every need. Making sure that he had a proper clasp of his food to asking if he was comfortable. She wished it was her.

Then, all too it was time for them to go.

“We have to go Tatiana. But we are planning on watching a film at eight tomorrow in our apartment. Will you come” Laura asked.

“We are?” Daniel said.

“Yes, I’ll be there.”

“Great, we’re Apartment 52 St. Andrews Place. It’s just up that way We’ll see you then!”

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