Love and War (Pt. 6)

Tatiana rang the buzzer and waited. She was casually dressed in a jumper and jeans. It wasn’t a date with Laura being there, but hopefully another step in that direction.

The door opened. It was Laura.

“Ah Tatiana, great to see you. Come on in!”

Tatiana handed her a box of chocolates.

“Oh, there was no need. Thanks!”

The apartment was spacious. Laura directed her through to the living room where Daniel was parked up alongside a long sofa. Instinctively, she sat beside him.

“How are you Daniel?”

He was dressed in a white shirt with a navy trousers.

“I am good and you?”

“I am fine, what is the movie?”

“Laura picked it so don’t blame me. Something about Alabamba or something. She has terrible taste.”

With, that they both began to giggle.

Laura entered the room.

“Oh, I need to sit there Tatiana. Just in case he needs anything.”

Tatiana understood and somewhat disappointed, let her in between them.

The name of the film turned out to be “Sweet Home Alabama”. It was a romantic comedy and although it was quite good, she couldn’t help but try to glance over at Daniel every now and then.

The film lasted for about an hour and a half.

Then Laura asked, “Can I speak to you for a second in the kitchen Tatiana?”

It seemed like an odd request but she followed him out.

“You like him don’t you?”

“Yes, Daniel is nice..”

Smiling, Laura continued.

“No, you really like him. He doesn’t realize being a man. I see the way you look at him and it’s okay. Just go easy on him. He hasn’t really been round many women since his accident. Look I’m going to give you two some time alone. Give me a shout when your leaving and I’ll put him to bed.”

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