Love and War (Pt. 7)

This was better than what she could have ever hoped. She opened the door and there he was waiting for her. Now she just had to decide what to do next.

“Where’s Laura?”

“Oh Laura said she very tired and gone to lie down. Don’t worry I can help with anything.”

Tatiana went over and sat beside him.

“That’s not like her at all. Usually she stays up all night.”

Tatiana fidgeted with her fingers. There was an awkward silence.

“Have you any sci-fi?” she blurted out.

“Oh yes, There’s a new Star Trek series out on Netflix. Shur I’ll put that on for a while.”

He then proceeded to give her the background information on the show.

For the next hour they watched and chatted intermittedly.

“So how are you finding my little country?”

“It’s great. The people are so nice. And it’s great to have a little coffee shop to go to.”

“Ah yeah, Nellie’s a star. Are you parents close to the front line?”

“Too close. Odessa.”

“I think I’ve heard of there. Your people have been so brave. Any boyfriend back there? I’m sure there is.”

“Why say that?”

“Well you’re very pretty.”

“No. You have anyone?”

“God no, shur who’d have me?” he said laughing.

“You are handsome.”

With that, Daniel turned a bright red.

It was time to strike.

She leaned over his wheelchair an asked “Can I?”

He nodded in the affirmative.

His lips were soft and she could feel his stubble against her skin. Electricity ran through her body as she felt his tongue probe her mouth. Minutes passed in pure pleasure.

“Well, that was nice Tatiana.”

“Yes it was. I better go now. Can I give you my number?”

“Yes of course, and you can have mine.”

A quick kiss later and she went outside the room to call Laura.

She opened her bedroom door in her pyjamas almost immediately.


“Yes, good.”

“A kiss?”


They both giggled and Laura gave her a hug.

“See you soon. Come over anytime.”

With that Tatiana left wondering in excitement about what tomorrow would bring.

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