Wheelchair Wars (Pt. 27) Warning: Horror

Upon securing the perimeter, it was time to drive forward. As a child, Timothy had been told stories of chaos. It was one of the most horrid threats to humanity, if not to The Emperor himself. The one that always most stood out to him was that of Claudius. He was just one soul on a world among billions. He losses his lodgings in a drunken bet and turns to the Chaos God Adrios for vengeance. In a matter of an orbit around its star, the planet is forever lost to the Emperor as its inhabitants tear each other apart. This was the enemy that Timothy now had to face.

The encampment was now a few hundred metres away. He told the squadron to prepare to fire. Shouts cursing the Emperor emanated from it – “Down with the Emperor”, “Freedom” and “The Emperor is a ratis”. It seemed to be mostly women and children. Now, objects were being thrown. Chaos had indeed taken route.


The bullets tore through the mountain of flesh. Briefly, there were roars of pain pain and anguish but they were quickly cut down.


At last, where once there was chaos now there was only silence. He drove his battlechair closer to the savages, with Audrey close behind. Pools of blood swirled against his wheels.

Suddenly he noticed a child clinging to his mother’s dead body.

“No, you can’t Timothy, it’s just a kid.”

“A kid indoctrinated by Chaos is a threat to all.”

The flame thrower on his wheelchair activated and he pressed the button. The ratis would look after the rest.

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