Love and War (Pt. 8)

The next morning Daniel sent her a text.

  • D: Hi enjoyed last night.
  • T: Me too xx

With that the text messages went back and forth for the rest of the day. She learned so much more about him. He got his spinal injury a few years previously in a car accident. His sister helped him mostly for now but he also had other assistants. He had originally wanted to be a sculptor, but now his efforts were going into becoming a graphic designer.

By the second day, they were making plans for a date night. It would just be them this time and sci fi would be the order of the night. Laura said that she would stay in her room unless required.

  • D: Can’t wait to see you. Not long now x
  • T: Me too xx

The texting was brilliant but she needed to be in his presence again. She couldn’t be spending her days staring into space. She wondered how much sensation he had throughout his body. She wanted to feel his chest, to rest her body against his. She had boyfriends before but had never felt anything like this.

Finally, the night came. This time she wore her black top tank. Her breasts were on the small side but she would make the best of what she had. Then a matching black dress. It was just a matter of lip stick and some eye liner, and she had made herself presentable.

Knock, knock.

Laura opened the door.

“My God, you look fantastic, what a lucky guy eh! He’s in there waiting for ya.”

“Are ya sure you don’t girls?”

They both giggled, and Tatiana made her way into Daniel.

“You look gorgeous.”

“You too.”

And he did. This time he was clean shaven with a bright white shirt.

“Hope you haven’t seen the Wrath of Khan, this is the original one.”

“No, hope it’s good.”

But neither of them were that interested in the film and it wasn’t long before they were kissing again.

“Laura said she’d put me in the bed if you’d like that,” he whispered.

She nodded in the affirmative.

She opened the door for him and he told her it would be a few minutes, Laura would shout for her.

Sitting down, she began watching the film. Well, that’s where her eyes rested, inside her heart was throbbing.

Minutes passed, then ten minutes, then longer. Maybe she should have helped with the undressing.

“He’s all yours.”

It was fortunate that he had such a good sister.

She sprung up and went out to his bedroom where he was waiting. He was naked, with a sheet covering the lower half of his body. He had a hairy chest and a flabby belly.

For a time they kissed. Then she took off her top and helped him place his hands on her breasts before moving closer so he could kiss and lick them.

“I can do it I think but can’t cum,” he whispered.

It was all she needed to know. She pulled back the sheet, straddled him and placed it inside her. It wasn’t quite fully erect but it mattered not as she grinded back and forth. For the first time since the war, she felt at peace and full of optimism about the future.

The End.

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