Review of Top Gun: Maverick

Happy Christmas Day everyone! What can I say, I’m a 365 day kind of guy. Okay yes, I have no life.. On a happier note I saw this film a few days ago and said what the heck, I’ll write a review. It’s the first time I’ve done a film review in a while. Yes, I should be studying for an upcoming interview but that’s just so boring.

Everybody in their 40s remembers the original Top Gun. It was an iconic masterpiece and propelled Tom Cruise to the stratosphere. Goddamit, I think I even cried in parts. I was young, okay. So what about this sequel?

Well, as was expected, it was somewhat of a walk down memory lane. Though, I think there’s more action in this one. Maverick aka Tom Cruise is still the all-American hero. And the Americans are the good guys, you don’t question that. It’s taken for granted.

Before I watched the film, I read a review that said it was anti-woke. But Maverick has grown up somewhat. His love interest is more of a long-term thing now. Maybe he wants someone to look after him in his old age. I don’t know. There is a female pilot also, who is one of the best.

I thought that the first half of the film was spot on. The second started to lose realism and started to become fantasy with too many just in time saving moments. It was all too happy to make a truly, great film. Now, if a few characters had died and made the ultimate sacrifice, it could have been something special.

This film gets four stars from me.

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