Review of “Treason” – Netflix series

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I do hope that you are all enjoying the holidays. I know I am. The thoughts of the drudgery of work, save me please. On a lighter note I started to watch this new Netflix series yesterday and am currently half way through it. I have to say that I am transfixed. It’s the first time in a while that I’ve been impressed by Netflix.

It tells the story of a a youngish (it is significant) M16 agent who finds himself catapulted to the position of C (overall in charge) when his boss is mysteriously poisoned.

Naturally for this type of tv program, all is not as it seems. Otherwise, sure why would we watch it? Our M16 agent may have been getting some assistance on his rise up through the ranks in the form of a Russian spy. And now it’s time for payback.

What follows is intrigue and suspense before a kidnapping ups everything a gear. No sex though and the violence is quite limited for this kind of thing. But, I like it.

These kind of series are prone to getting overly complicated with too many characters and side stories. I’ll keep you updated on whether it keeps its focus but in the meantime, you should give the first few episodes a try.

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