One day in Croker (Part 6)

Her heart sank when she saw that they had already left. For a brief moment she wondered what she should do. The crowd on the pitch showed no signs of dissipating. She reckoned that they wouldn’t have gone far ahead and her sister knew where the car was parked. So, she walked out the back of the stand and started walking down the long set of concrete ramps.

Every Westmeath supporter she passed shouted “Up Westmeath” at her. The Kerry supporters were much quieter.

Just as she made the final corner, she could see them in the distance. It didn’t take her long to catch up.

“Hey guys! Hope you are not too disappointed.”

Jimmy stopped and looked round but Stephen immediately replied, “Sure, we’ll be back next year.”

“Do you want me to push Jimmy?”

“Oh good to see you again. That would be great. I’m really struggling in this heat.”

With that, she took over.

“Your getting old, dear uncle.”

“Not at all, nephew. Your just getting heavier.”

They all laughed.

“Good, to see you again Aoife, Thought you had forgotten us.”

“Oh I wouldn’t forget you Stephen.”

With that he reached his right arm back and she shook his hand. It was softer than she had expected.

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