One day in Croker (Part 7)

Aoife couldn’t remember the last time she felt so good. Between Westmeath winning and managing to find Stephen, she was on a real natural high. The sweat was pumping off her from the heat and pushing the wheelchair but that didn’t even bother her.

“You must be feeling on top of the world with the win and everything. I don’t begrudge you your bit of happiness.”

“Ah thanks Stephen. Sure, I’m sure Kerry will be back next year.”

“We have more than just the football in Kerry to keep us happy, you know. You should come down and pay us a visit. There is beautiful scenery, music and even a bit of hurling too. Isn’t that right Stephen?” said James, panting somewhat.

“Yes, you should. We’d look after you for a few days, no problem. Even if you are from Westmeath.”

“Ah thanks guy, I’d love that.”

She stopped and tilted his wheelchair backwards to get over a little bump and onto the footpath. Shortly, they were back to where she had originally met them.

“We’re just over there to the left of that building under the big tree,” said Stephen.

A few minutes later they were there and Stephen readied to transfer in the car. She sensed that he was nervous to do it in front of her.

“You must give me your number in case I decide to visit.”

She usually wasn’t so forward, but felt the need to seize the moment.

“Cool, hope you do.”

He then called out his number and she rang him so that she would have hers. They then thanked her and she left to go to her own car and see if she could locate her sister.

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