One day in Croker (Pt. 8)

Aoife found herself tapping the steering wheel once more. Looking left, then right. No sign of her sister. The radio was full of Westmeath people describing this as the best day of their lives. Aoife’s mind began thinking of home, the crowds in Mullingar town park, and the roars of joy on Mount Street..

Bang, bang.

It was Yvonne and Aoife quickly opened the car door so she could sit beside her.

“Well, you finally came!”

“I knew you’d want time with your lover boy.”

“What are you on about Yvonne?”

“You make it so obvious Aoife. Wheelchair or no wheelchair, you were undressing him with your eyes. It was embarrassing”

“I was not, I”

“It’s okay. He looks much better than the last guy, I’ll give ya dat. And I do want to see you happy, even if you’re my weirdo sister.”

“Will ya be quiet Yvonne. Come on it’s time to go do some celebrating.”

As she pulled off in the car, she hoped she’d come across okay to Stephen. A trip to Kerry would be something to look forward to.

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