One day in Croker (Part 9)

Aoife rose groggily from the bed. Her head was pounding. It was an unfamiliar cluttered room. She looked at the partially clothed guy beside her trying to think of his name. Was it John or Gerald? Oops. The sex had been quite forgettable but in fairness he was probably just as intoxicated as she had been. Ah well, it had been a great night. It started off in the Druids Chair, then a few in the Greville before ending up in the Crossbar.

The pubs had all been packed. It took an age to get a pint not to mind trying to get into the ladies toilet. That was a total disaster. But everybody had a smile on their face. We were the All-Ireland Champions.

She quickly put on her clothes and checked what time it was on her mobile. Nearly 11am, damn. She opened the door silently trying to remember which way was the exit. If only she had a few less shots. She found herself in a narrow hallway with flowery wallpaper. She took a few steps to the right. It led into a kitchen and she could hear a man and woman chatting away. She turned and went back the other way.

Sure enough, after turning a corner it led to the front door and then she was out. She recognized the neighborhood. It was the other side of town. A long walk ahead lay ahead.

Oh why couldn’t she have a nice boyfriend like most of her friends rather than seeking intimacy in the arms of strangers? Not that there was anything wrong with that. She just wanted more, alot more.

Some time later, she made it home. She still lived at home and reckoned her mother would be furious that she hadn’t returned home. But upon opening the back door, she was met by her sister, who was looking all too happy and alert.

“Where were you? Some example you are.”

“Please, don’t start. I’m wrecked and tired. Is Mam annoyed?”

“I’m sure you are tired, after a night with whoever he was. Mam is fine. You were with Rosita, right.”

“Thanks sis.”

With that she headed to her bedroom to kip some more..

Her phone bleeped. It was Stephen –

Have a good night?

Her mood immediately lifted –

Yes it was but paying for it now lol How are things in Kerry?

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