Review of Prey (2022 Film)

Well ladies and gentlemen, finally a “woke” film to truly savor. Although not stated in the title, this is a Predator film. The alien must prove that he is top of the food chain, as we know from the other Predators films. There will be death and glory.

What’s unique about this particular film is where and when it is set – The Great Plains in 1719. And the Predator comes up against The Comanche. It is the stuff that dreams are made of. The other films always alluded to the fact that Predators had been visiting Earth for a very long time and now we finally get to see one of those scenarios play out.

The film centers around a female commanche called Naru. She sees herself as a great hunter but her brother and mother would much prefer if she stayed in the kitchen so to speak. As to be expected with a film in these modern times, she turns out to be the true hunter. And she does it in true style.

During a hunt she spots the alien, although not realizing it is a monster from another world. She resolves to take it down to show her tribe that she is the real deal.

What follows are some great action scenes. It is brutal, with no quarter given exactly as you would expect. Of course, evil Europeans show up for a while but thankfully they are laid to waste.

The ending is good but I would have liked an alien ship to appear to salute our heroine. Overall, I give this film four stars out of five and highly recommend you watch it.

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