One day in Croker (Part 12)

She shuffled back and forth in the bed, unable to sleep. Different thought rushing through her mind. Tomorrow, she would finally get to Stephen again. It had been too long time. Would he still find her attractive? Was she going to say something stupid and ruin everything?

It had been a long drive of nearly three and a half hours from Mullingar to Killarney. She didn’t mind, it gave her an opportunity to listen to her favorite pop songs for a few hours. She was staying in a B&B near the outskirts of the town. Stephen lived a few miles outside of town.

She hadn’t got to see much of the town on the drive in. The house she was staying in was quaint, s small white bungalow. There was lovely décor on the inside probably to impress any visiting Americans.

Her friends and sister thought her mad. You are going to do what? All the way to Kerry? How are you going to make it work with the distance and the wheelchair?

Only she could understand the bond that they had. She hadn’t felt this about a guy before and she wouldn’t just let him pass her by. She just hoped that tomorrow went well.

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