A fly in the vodka

This is a mysterious universe full of unfathomable conundrums.  Some people spend their entire lives trying to understand it that much better.  The latest theory I was reading about states that there is a fifth dimension leading to an universe that will never end as time itself is not what we think we think of it as.

Allegedly, if you could hypothetically view the universe from this fifth dimension, you could view everything that happened from the very beginning to the very end with all the possible different things that could have happened as well.

Or maybe we live in a universe with eternal inflation.  I kind of like the idea that this might be the trillionth time I’ve written this post.

But I don’t concern myself with such things, no I have much more important things to probe with my intellect.  Like what to do if a fly flies into your vodka or other alcoholic beverage and you can’t take it out.  I’m sure this has happened to almost everyone that matters (drinkers) at some stage.  Non drinkers would just never understand, alcohol is a precious resource, kind of like oil.  It doesn’t matter that you’re going to have a hangover, every drop is precious.

I’m pretty sure that we’d all agree if it was just a little midget we’d press ahead.  You probably won’t even feel it in your mouth, so just think of something else?

But what if it’s a big one?  Do you watch closely hoping not to drink it?  Life is so complicated.

I think I’d draw the line at a wasp.  I wouldn’t even have a taste but maybe I’m too squeamish?

Where should the line be drawn?