Love and War (Romance) Pt. 1

Tatiana looked out the window at the rain and the mostly empty street below. She had never before seen so much rain, but finally there were signs that it was about to clear. It hadn’t stopped all day, so it would be about time. But this was Ireland, and she couldn’t pretend that the locals hadn’t warned her. It was one of the first things that they had mentioned to her. She couldn’t help but smile thinking about the friendly welcome. The warm smiles and friendly handshakes.

It was such a relief after coming from a warzone. It had all happened so fast. She had always thought Russian and Ukrainians were brother peoples. Not anymore. She had seen and heard the talk about the military build-up but had dismissed it.

“What will we do if they attack?” her aged mother had lamented over the phone from Kyiv.

“They will not attack; it is just for the cameras!”

But then it happened. She remembered hearing the air raid siren for the first time and how it had sent a chill through her.

She was in Odessa and people feared that it would fall within days. Before, it had even really sunk in, she was on the Polish border. There was confusion about where she should go next. But, when the option of Ireland came up, she took it. Of course, she had expected to be in a big city like Dublin, not Killarney in a rural setting on the west coast.

But she was happy here. The peace and quiet took her mind off the happenings back home. And there was a lovely coffee shop just down the road. Now that the rain was easing off, that’s where she was going now.

Wheelchair Wars (Part 25)

To question The Emperor is to embrace Chaos and certain death – The Emperor

Timothy had never expected to meet the Governor, even if he managed to live an eternity. And yet, here he was standing just a few feet away from him. The Governor was The Emperor’s direct representative in the megacity. It was like being that much closer to God himself.

The room was large and cavernous, with murals of The Emperor on the walls and ceilings. The Governer, himself looked old and frail, with long white hair and he was adorned with jewelry. It was rumored that he had been one of the first inhabitants of this world. He was flanked by two Imperial Guardsmen.

“Thank you for your attendance. I watched your battle with great interest. You both fought bravely. The Emperor would indeed be proud.”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“I’m afraid that you have been summoned under difficult circumstances. Our world now faces its darkest hour. There are whispers that the forces of chaos have entered the bottom of the city and are already beginning to infect The Emperor’s subjects. The disease will spread up the layers of the city and The Emperor will be forced to exterminate all life on the planet. But you two have strong minds. That was the purpose of the games, to extricate the best from the general population. Strong and fearless minds are required to stop the corruption of chaos.

You will now carry out an exterminatus, kill all those you suspect of disloyalty to The Emperor. You, Tomothy are being given control of one hundred troopers. Audrey, if he dies or you suspect chaos, you are to assume command. You leave in two hours.

“Thank you, Guardian.”

Wheelchair Wars (Part 24)

The Emperor is just to all his subjects – The Emperor.

Multiple times cycles had now passed. Yet Timothy still found himself on the top tier. He had been totally consumed by grief till very recently but then he found it increasingly odd that he wasn’t being told to return. Not that he was complaining. The longer he stayed on this tier, the better and better he felt. It wasn’t just something in his head either. When he looked in the mirror, his skin and hair looked clearer and fuller. He felt full of energy. And he could see those changes in those around him too. Their health just got better and better. His father now looked more like his brother. He guessed that it was more than just the cleaner air. It must be something that was in the food or drink. All he was certain of was that he was happy of it and hoped that it would never end.

Audrey was now spending every night with him. But they were now doing far more than resting. It started off with some kissing but had now progressed to her straddling him twice per night. He enjoyed it more with her than all the others. There was closeness, an intimacy that he craved. They had declared their love for one another, and it all felt right.

Still more time passed.

“I think you’ve been retired,” his Da joked.

“No, I don`t think so. Not going to happen, wouldn’t be that lucky.”

Three time-cycles later, a red light shone on the wall. It was a sign to go to the main meeting area.

They were met by three Imperial Guards, dressed in their purple robes and carrying their standard machine guns.

“Timothy the Impaler (for that is what he is now known), you and Audrey the Destroyer have been called for an immediate audience with the Governor. Your battle chairs will be required.”

Timothy knew that the time for more bloodshed was upon him.

Review of “Borstal Boy” by Brendan Behan

In 1939, Brendan Beehan who was only sixteen years old at the time tried to bomb a ship in the Liverpool docks as part of an unauthorized IRA action. He was caught and this is an autobiographical account of his time on remand and then at a young offender’s institution.

It is a complex coming-of-age story, but it is also a portal into a different time and place. Regular readers of mine will know that I previously read one of his later works “Confessions of an Irish Rebel”, which I was somewhat nonplussed about. This was much, much better. It is written in his own voice, and he does so brilliantly. His writing is rich, vibrant and descriptive and you can hear the different accents in your mind.

The institutions are primitive and cold. Well, compared to 2022 anyway. He talks about the intricacies of slopping out and trying to sleep in the cold. It also delves into why thuggish behavior is required. Being seen as weak means other prisoners will torment you. The Second World War is rarely mentioned, which I found somewhat odd. There’s only a handful of occasions when it reared its ugly head.

Strangely, it is often screws (prison guards) and other prisoners with Irish roots that give him the most hassle, and his closest friends, or “chinas” as he calls them are fellow prisoners from the English working class. As he states himself, it’s the British Empire that he hates not the English. Still, he admits that his happiness at one point when he gets to stay with his chinas rather than fellow IRA prisoners is something he’d rather keep to himself.

The closest friendship he forms is with a chap from London called “Charlie”. They quickly become Chinas and it doesn’t matter to him he’s in the IRA. They stick together through thick and thin. At times, they all seem quite content, even happy despite the grim circumstances.

This book was actually banned in Ireland and Australia for a time. Presumably due to its at times anti clerical rhetoric and depictions of youthful male sexuality.

I give this book a ten out of ten and strongly recommend you read.

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Wheelchair Wars (Part 23)

Timothy did not sleep well that night. He turned away the four women who were offered. They were naturally shocked and insisted that they would return the following time cycle instead. He just wanted to be alone. All, except Audrey of his little band were now dead. Even, his father was unable to console him.

“They died gloriously.”

“It was a death they could have only dreamed of.”

His sleep was plagued by nightmares. All he could see were his comrades being torn from limb to limb. They were screaming at him asking to be saved. But there was nothing that there was never anything that he could do. He woke up shaking uncontrollably in a cold sweat. Then there was a knock on the door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me Audrey, I can’t sleep. Can I come in? I can’t sleep”

“Yes, come on in.”

She entered wearing her pajamas in her ordinary wheelchair.

“I saw that you were alone and just wanted to be close to someone.”

Her voice was trembling.

“Get in here beside me.”

She drove around to the other side of the bed and got in beside him, resting her head on his chest.

“Thanks. I’d like to stay in your room from now on. You are all I have left. I know you must do your duty with the other women that come. That’s okay with me. I’ll even get involved if you like.”

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

Finally, he could close his eyes without the nightmares.

Wheelchair Wars (Part 22)

Please kill me and release me from this torment – Anonymous Alexi Slave

The noise and crowds grew larger, growing increasingly manic as they approached the stadia. By the time they reached the entrance, a cordon of soldiers was in place to help them get through. At times, though, the crowd pulsed forward blocking the way. Timothy was thankful that they were in their battle wheelchairs, or they would be in danger of getting crushed. At times, he could hear the roars of people whose feet had suffered that fate under a battle chair.

Finally, they made their way inside. Now they just had to wait for the large door to draw open and they could enter the arena. He turned round to speak to his comrades in arms.

It was dark and he could only just about make out where everybody was.

“Remember the plan. Today, we live or die as one. Each of you know what you have to do and what role you are expected to play. Glory to the Omega!”

He turned and waited.

The large door slowly drew open, and once more they were being hit by a wall of noise.

It was exactly as he had hoped. The lighting was extremely dim just like the home world of the Gargantuan. He could see it in the distance. It stood aloft on it six long legs and even from a distance, he could make out its mandibles.

His army of warriors filed out to take up their positions slowly surrounding the monstrous creature. From the videos, he knew that it had a curious nature and if unthreatened would give them the required time. It was an anxious few minutes before they were all in position.

The Gargantuan had seen enough now and began to take move.

Timothy roared “lights” through the communications device.

A light had been placed on the top of each battle chair and they now shone brightly dazzling the creature.

Each battle chair had been armed with a machine gun. They now all fired in unison aiming at its torso so that they wouldn’t kill each other.

It swayed back and forth before charging to its left where Caoimhne was positioned, its mandibles lifting and crushing her body in an instant before hurling it and the battle chair away.

Then it charged at another warrior and another. It was going in a circle killing one after another.

He gave the order to break formation and charge.

He stuck his chair on full speed and headed straight for it. He could only hope for the best now as he heard the roars of the others fall silent. His light still dazzled the creature and as he had broken formation it didn’t sense to lash out and kill him.

He had tilted the wheelchair as he had approached but the bullets were still not doing the expected damage. But, then he was under the creature, he noticed its soft underbelly. He stopped the battle chair and kept firing. Foul smelling blood poured over him. He could see that it was struggling to stand and expected to be crushed when it collapsed. But it fell on its side saving him.

The stadium went silent. He drove around to survey the dead monster and the body parts of his former comrades. Only himself and Audrey, were still alive.

Then the crowd started chanting hysterically –

“Glory to the Omega!”

Wheelchair Wars (Part 21)

Every day is a good day for you to die – The Emperor

Timothy thought that he was ready for anything. But when Timothy woke the morning of the battle the room was already shaking as sounds reverberated through. All he could do was wait the few minutes and listen till his Da arrived to get him up.

“What’s happening?”

“Everything is okay. The crowd is already building in the stadium. It’s already almost completely full, they say. The noise is so loud that it transmits through the structures of the city and that is what you are feeling now. The level of excitement is incredible. No matter what happens today son, I am so proud of you son.”

The next few hours went by in something of a haze for Timothy. Fortunately, his plans were already in place and all the preparation had already been done. He made sure to take the time to speak to each of his fighters.

“Trust in the plan. We will get through this.”

Some, such as Audrey looked back at him with steely determination. With others, such as Caoimhne you could sense the fear. Still, he trusted all to do their duty.

Finally, it came time to leave.

There were met by huge crowds each corner they turned, that roared their love. Some of the women even through their bras at them. But Timothy kept his concentration on what he would ultimately be facing. The exultation could wait.

The Irish language thriving? (comedy)

Ever since I was young, there was one thing you could be certain of. Well apart from death and taxes, that is. And that was that was the Irish language was on its death bed and soon would be no more.

It’s still dying according to the average person, even though I’ve never heard so much of it. Whether it be on the television, radio or when the Feile came to town.

They claim it’s Definitely Endangered. That young people no longer speak the language. This is despite the fact that 8 percent of students are now in all-Irish medium education.

Yes, things are so dire that I got a scam email sent to me in perfect Irish during the week. Does the Government have some secret deal with criminals, that a certain percentage of fraud must be conducted through Irish or they can’t claim some fraud grant. I wouldn’t put it past them!

Writing in Irish kind of worked too. I actually read the whole email rather than just deleting it. But the usual sob story wouldn’t work on me even if it was genuine, which it wasn’t.

I decided to do my own Irish exam yesterday. I know, the things I do for kicks. Even my parents looked at me funny when I told them about it. I got a D1 in ordinary level you see, something that my Dad loves to bring up. He got an honours in his, and it’s the only score of mine he remembers.

Anyways, I digress. After many years of watching and listening to Irish, mostly on TG4, I scored a B1 Lower Intermediate Irish. If things were really that bad for the language, I’d be heralded as part of the linguistic community. But I’m not.

Oiche mhaithe agat.

Wheelchair Wars (Part 20)

Gargantuans love tearing humans to pieces. It’s like a pasttime to them. They enjoy playing with their food – General Mudd

Timothy was relaxing on his bed. It was so much more comfortable at this level just like everything else. There was now just one time cycle away from going to battle. His preparation and research were now complete. Within the next two hours he would divulge his plans to his battle group. They would either agree to follow his battle plans to the letter or they would die.

There was then a small knock on the door, and he heard a quiet but recognizable voice. It was Caoimhne asking if she could come in. She always spoke so softly.


She was in her manual wheelchair and only just about managed to push the door open.

“I was feeling.. I don’t know.”

“It’s alright, the big battle is not too far off, I understand.”

“Can I lay down next to you?”

“Yeah, sure.”

It was a large double bed so there was enough space. He had only shared his bed for sex though and he found his heart had started beating that bit faster.

She elegantly parked parallel to the other side of the bed before maneuvering herself on to it

“These really are so comfortable. I just wanted to be with someone. Tomorrow, one or both of us may be dead.”

“You shouldn’t think like that.”

“You know, I’ve never kissed someone. I know women are sent into you and the rest lads of the battles. They are usually so beautiful. I’d really like to experience it. Can I kiss you?

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

With that, she leaned towards and kissed. Then she wrapped her arms around him till it was time for the battle plan.

Wheelchair Wars (Part 19)

There is no such thing as good or evil, only servitude to your God – The Emperor

They were permitted just one visit to the legendary Groak stadium prior to their battle. It was not surprising. The stadium was much more famous for its glorious battles and raucous atmosphere than the planet itself and was well-known throughout the quadrant. Huge masses of people visited it every day even when it was not in use.

Timothy was mesmerized by what he saw. The stands were sheer like a cliff face and stretched upwards as far as he could see. The battle area was extensive. He noted that the surface was sandy, probably to suit the Gargantuan but it made it difficult for their wheels. They would need to change to tracks.

Some of the group started to pace around the battleground, making sure they understood its proper scale. Like a well-oiled machine they then all gathered in the center for a battle talk.

Audrey was the first to chime in.

“So, what’s the plan Timothy?”

“Space, we must use this huge battlefield to our advantage. That and work together. On our own we are nothing but as Omega we can destroy anybody. Yes, this Gargantuan is terrifying but so are we. This is our opportunity for glory and a life that we could never have imagined.”

Then the chanting began.

“Omega, omega!”

Timothy let the chanting reverberate through him. He looked at those around him and wondered if any would survive.