Love and War

Tatiana looked out the window at the rain and the mostly empty street below. She had never before seen so much, but finally there were signs that it was about to clear. It hadn’t stopped all day, so it would be about time. But this was Ireland, and she couldn’t pretend that the locals hadn’t warned her. It was one of the first things that they had mentioned to her. She couldn’t help but smile thinking about the friendly welcome. The warm smiles and friendly handshakes.

It was such a relief after coming from a warzone. It had all happened so fast. She had always thought Russian and Ukrainians were brother peoples. Not anymore. She had seen and heard the talk about the military build-up but had dismissed it.

“What will we do if they attack?” her aged mother had lamented over the phone from Kyiv.

“They will not attack; it is just for the cameras!”

But then it happened. She remembered hearing the air raid siren for the first time and how it had sent a chill through her.

She was in Odessa and people feared that it would fall within days. Before, it had even really sunk in, she was on the Polish border. There was confusion about where she should go next. But, when the option of Ireland came up, she took it. Of course, she had expected to be in a big city like Dublin, not Killarney in a rural setting on the west coast.

But she was happy here. The peace and quiet took her mind off the happenings back home. And there was a lovely coffee shop just down the road. Now that the rain was easing off, that’s where she was going now.

The walk only took a few minutes. Now, that the rain had stopped, a few of the locals were out and trodding the streets. The odd person would give her a smile, but mostly they just sailed by. She loved being outside, breathing the fresh air.

It didn’t take her long to reach the coffee shop. She liked it as it reminded her of a place back home. Also, the middle-aged woman who worked there had always been kind and friendly since she had arrived. Her favorite spot was a table just outside the front door where she could survey everything that was happening from a distance. It wasn’t that she was particularly nosey, just that she found the comings and goings of ordinary life soothing.

“Ah, how are you today, Tatiana? What can I get you?”

“I am good, Americano please.”

Tatiana handed her some coins.

“Ah good to hear dear. What an awful morning eh? I’ll drop that out to you with the change.”

“Oh, thanks.”

The sun finally penetrated the clouds as she sat down. Then, she saw something unusual in the distance. It was a guy in a wheelchair accompanied by a woman walking beside him. Were they lovers or something else? She always had this “thing” for guys in wheelchairs. Something, that she thought was probably best to keep to herself. He was handsome too, with sandy brown hair and dressed immaculately in a suit. Who was this guy? The girl was pretty and had a habit of smiling at him.

They were close now, she tried to look away but with limited success.

For a brief moment their eyes met. She was feeling warm inside.

“Here’s your coffee and change love.”

“Oh, how are you, Daniel? Will I open the other door?” the coffee lady asked.

“No, I should be fine, thanks.”

With that they were inside, and Tatiana was once more alone. She quickly drank her coffee and left.

Tatiana thrashed back and forth in her bed. But it was of no use. She couldn’t get her mind to think of anything else other than the guy she had seen earlier in the day. He was so handsome sitting there in his wheelchair. His face was masculine, with a square jaw and beautiful blue eyes. Even his bit of stubble looked good. He had a bit of a belly and skinny legs. Oh, how she wanted to reach out and touch them. To caress his body and run her fingers through his brown hair.

No, this can’t be normal, to feel so attracted to someone. What is wrong with her? Is she a freak?

How did he become disabled anyway?

Would he be able to feel her touch?

Was that his girlfriend? What was it they said in Ireland? The bitch.

All these thoughts ran ferociously through her mind. The sweat was dripping from her now so she threw one of the covers off her bed.

She had to see him again.

There was only one thing to do. Visit the coffee shop at the same the next day. Was that not stalking though? It would have to remain her dirty secret.

Tatiana found herself at the table with her phone constantly fidgeting checking the time.. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she couldn’t stop bobbling her head up and down too. There was no sign of him. This was the second day in a row that he hadn’t appeared. Perhaps, his visit had been a once off event and he wouldn’t be reappearing. The thought saddened her. He had been something of a distraction. Her home town had been bombed the previous night.

Her heart stated beating faster and a tear began to form. All those beautiful people, her former neighbors and friends. She could only hope and pray that they were okay and not ripped apart in some blast. Not to mind all the pets that were left behind to fend for themselves. And now the winter was coming.

Her coffee, which she had almost finished was now cold. It was now time to go so she went in to pay.

“How are you keeping love? You look sad? Worried about home?”

“It was bombed last night.”

“Oh God. That’s awful. Don’t be worrying about the price of that coffee. Actually, we’re running a fundraiser here for Ukraine this Saturday at ten in the morning. Perhaps, you would like to come? It was Laura’s idea. You might not remember her. She was here with her brother in the wheelchair the other day. You seen them. I’d say you’d all get a long great. What do you say? Will you come along?”

“Yes, I’ll be there.”



Tatiana looked closely at the mirror to make sure she was looking her best. She wasn’t fully happy but it would have to do or she would miss the event. Hopefully, he would be there, but if not it was a great opportunity to make new friends anyway.

Hastily, she locked her apartment door. It was cold and breezy outside. She hoped that it wouldn’t toss her long blonde hair.

A crowd had already formed around the coffee shop. Bumping her way through people, she made her way inside and towards the counter.

“Ah Tatiana love, great to see you. I was worried you might not come and looking so beautiful too. Now, will you buy one of these little buns? Two euro each. All proceeds go to your country, Ukraine.”

“Yes, of course”

“Ah, great here ya go. Now those lovely people I was telling you about are over there. Go over there and have a chat. I told them to expect you.”

Tatiana turned around and there he was with his sister.

Her heart fluttered.

“Hi, I’m Tatiana.”

They raised their heads up from the table. The sister spoke first.

“Oh, hi Tatiana, Nellie told us all about you. Sit down there. My name is Laura and this is my brother Daniel.

“Hi,” said Daniel sheepishly.

“Nice to meet the two of yous.”

Tatiana nervously took a chair from the other table and sat down beside them. She was worried about what to say but needn’t have. Laura took the lead.

“So, Nellie was telling us you’re from Ukraine. Awful what’s happening over there.”

“Yes, it is. I worry about my parents. They were too old to come.”

Her eyes began to well up.

Laura put her hand on her shoulder to comfort her.

“Perhaps we’ll talk about something else,” Daniel said, “What are your hobbies?”

He spoke in a deep, entrancing voice.

“Oh, I love science fiction.”

“Oh no,” Laura said to laughing from Daniel, “you too will get on great!”

For the next hour and a couple of buns each, they chatted away. Tatiana noticed how Laura would attend to Daniel’s every need. Making sure that he had a proper clasp of his food to asking if he was comfortable. She wished it was her.

Then, all too it was time for them to go.

“We have to go Tatiana. But we are planning on watching a film at eight tomorrow in our apartment. Will you come” Laura asked.

“We are?” Daniel said.

“Yes, I’ll be there.”

“Great, we’re Apartment 52, St. Andrews Place. It’s just up that way We’ll see you then!”


Tatiana rang the buzzer and waited. She was casually dressed in a jumper and jeans. It wasn’t a date with Laura being there, but hopefully another step in that direction.

The door opened. It was Laura.

“Ah Tatiana, great to see you. Come on in!”

Tatiana handed her a box of chocolates.

“Oh, there was no need. Thanks!”

The apartment was spacious. Laura directed her through to the living room where Daniel was parked up alongside a long sofa. Instinctively, she sat beside him.

“How are you Daniel?”

He was dressed in a white shirt with a navy trousers.

“I am good and you?”

“I am fine, what is the movie?”

“Laura picked it so don’t blame me. Something about Alabamba or something. She has terrible taste.”

With, that they both began to giggle.

Laura entered the room.

“Oh, I need to sit there Tatiana. Just in case he needs anything.”

Tatiana understood and somewhat disappointed, let her in between them.

The name of the film turned out to be “Sweet Home Alabama”. It was a romantic comedy and although it was quite good, she couldn’t help but try to glance over at Daniel every now and then.

The film lasted for about an hour and a half.

Then Laura asked, “Can I speak to you for a second in the kitchen Tatiana?”

It seemed like an odd request but she followed him out.

“You like him don’t you?”

“Yes, Daniel is nice..”

Smiling, Laura continued.

“No, you really like him. He doesn’t realize being a man. I see the way you look at him and it’s okay. Just go easy on him. He hasn’t really been round many women since his accident. Look I’m going to give you two some time alone. Give me a shout when your leaving and I’ll put him to bed.”

This was better than what she could have ever hoped. She opened the door and there he was waiting for her. Now she just had to decide what to do next.

“Where’s Laura?”

“Oh Laura said she very tired and gone to lie down. Don’t worry I can help with anything.”

Tatiana went over and sat beside him.

“That’s not like her at all. Usually she stays up all night.”

Tatiana fidgeted with her fingers. There was an awkward silence.

“Have you any sci-fi?” she blurted out.

“Oh yes, There’s a new Star Trek series out on Netflix. Shur I’ll put that on for a while.”

He then proceeded to give her the background information on the show.

For the next hour they watched and chatted intermittedly.

“So how are you finding my little country?”

“It’s great. The people are so nice. And it’s great to have a little coffee shop to go to.”

“Ah yeah, Nellie’s a star. Are you parents close to the front line?”

“Too close. Kyiv.”

“I think I’ve heard of there. Your people have been so brave. Any boyfriend back there? I’m sure there is.”

“Why say that?”

“Well you’re very pretty.”

“No. You have anyone?”

“God no, shur who’d have me?” he said laughing.

“You are handsome.”

With that, Daniel turned a bright red.

It was time to strike.

She leaned over his wheelchair an asked “Can I?”

He nodded in the affirmative.

His lips were soft and she could feel his stubble against her skin. Electricity ran through her body as she felt his tongue probe her mouth. Minutes passed in pure pleasure.

“Well, that was nice Tatiana.”

“Yes it was. I better go now. Can I give you my number?”

“Yes of course, and you can have mine.”

A quick kiss later and she went outside the room to call Laura.

She opened her bedroom door in her pyjamas almost immediately.


“Yes, good.”

“A kiss?”


They both giggled and Laura gave her a hug.

“See you soon. Come over anytime.”

With that Tatiana left wondering in excitement about what tomorrow would bring.

The next morning Daniel sent her a text.

  • D: Hi enjoyed last night.
  • T: Me too xx

With that the text messages went back and forth for the rest of the day. She learned so much more about him. He got his spinal injury a few years previously in a car accident. His sister helped him mostly for now but he also had other assistants. He had originally wanted to be a sculptor, but now his efforts were going into becoming a graphic designer.

By the second day, they were making plans for a date night. It would just be them this time and sci fi would be the order of the night. Laura said that she would stay in her room unless required.

  • D: Can’t wait to see you. Not long now x
  • T: Me too xx

The texting was brilliant but she needed to be in his presence again. She couldn’t be spending her days staring into space. She wondered how much sensation he had throughout his body. She wanted to feel his chest, to rest her body against his. She had boyfriends before but had never felt anything like this.

Finally, the night came. This time she wore her black top tank. Her breasts were on the small side but she would make the best of what she had. Then a matching black dress. It was just a matter of lip stick and some eye liner, and she had made herself presentable.

Knock, knock.

Laura opened the door.

“My God, you look fantastic, what a lucky guy eh! He’s in there waiting for ya.”

“Are ya sure you don’t girls?”

They both giggled, and Tatiana made her way into Daniel.

“You look gorgeous.”

“You too.”

And he did. This time he was clean shaven with a bright red shirt.

“Hope you haven’t seen the Wrath of Khan, this is the original one.”

“No, hope it’s good.”

But neither of them were that interested in the film and it wasn’t long before they were kissing again.

“Laura said she’d put me in the bed if you’d like that,” he whispered.

She nodded in the affirmative.

She opened the door for him and he told her it would be a few minutes, Laura would shout for her.

Sitting down, she began watching the film. Well, that’s where her eyes rested, inside her heart was throbbing.

Minutes passed, then ten minutes, then longer. Maybe she should have helped with the undressing.

“He’s all yours.”

It was fortunate that he had such a good sister.

She sprung up and went out to his bedroom where he was waiting. He was naked, with a sheet covering the lower half of his body. He had a hairy chest and a flabby belly.

For a time they kissed. Then she took off her top and helped him place his hands on her breasts before moving closer so he could kiss and lick them.

“I can do it I think but can’t cum,” he whispered.

It was all she needed to know. She pulled back the sheet, straddled him and placed it inside her. It wasn’t quite fully erect but it mattered not as she grinded back and forth. For the first time since the war, she felt at peace and full of optimism about the future.

The End.

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