My friend Katy

Part 1

I was feeling something I hadn’t expected. It was difficult to put a finger on exactly what it was. No, it couldn’t be. My palms were sweaty. Was I nervous? That would quite simply be ridiculous. This wasn’t a date or even anything remotely close to that. I was meeting Katy, my best friend.

Maybe, this is normal. After all, I haven’t seen her in two years since she left for Australia and what I’m feeling is just the excitement of seeing her again. It is sort of strange though, when we were teenagers she lived across the way from me. We saw each other most days. I would wait for her outside of her house for a chat after school most days. Unless it was raining or too cold, which happened often during the colder months. Disability and inclement weather do not mix very well. She would waive to me in the distance, her long, brown hair bobbling over her blue uniform when she saw that I was waiting for her.

We would talk about life, school, music and our major crushes of the day. They were good times.

Occasionally, we would go into one of our houses and play some computer games, the only problem being that we both hated to lose. Once, she even stopped talking to me for a few days! It was something that even she was able to laugh about as we aged. In fairness, she was only fourteen at the time.

That was probably when we were at our closest. Having gone to an all-boys school, she was my only female friend and definitely the only girl I didn’t feel really shy around. I was the first one that she told about her first boyfriend. Yes, I was jealous wishing that I had whatever traits it was that made him special to her. But, I fought and hid those feelings. Her friendship was too important. Then there were other boyfriends, the jealousy faded. It was just the way things would be.

We didn’t see each other as often, when college called as we went to separate places. Then it was her time to listen to me about my first girlfriend and different sexual experiences.

Then, two years after both of us graduated she left for the other side of the world. We had promised to keep in touch and although I tried, I heard little from her.

She is now ten minutes late. She always was, in the old days I’d always be at least this late myself to make sure I wouldn’t be waiting around too long. I’ve never been at his hotel previously having driven up to the outskirts of Dublin to meet her. She chose a good spot. The vast bar is only sparsely populated and it didn’t take me long to find a table.

Then, I think I see her pulling up in a car outside.

Part 2

Oh God! I can’t believe I’m late. I know Tom will wait for me, but he’s come all the way up to Dublin to see me, I could at least be on time. In fairness, I have spent the last hour putting on the perfect clothes and face for him. It’s a far cry from the old days when we took each other as we came. There was no nervousness meeting him in those days either, not like now.

I haven’t seen him in two years, what can I say other than it’s complicated. Even when I was at the other side of the world, I would think about him all the time. I couldn’t email him often, it was too raw.

Life had once been so different. He would wait for me outside my house and we would chat. They are times I treasure. Then there were the computer games and films. Everyday, there was something interesting to look forward to after school. He was my best friend, I told him everything. Of course, these were our awkward teenage years. There were times when I wanted to kiss him, but I was too shy to ask. I think he was too so nothing happened. Much to my shame, I also wondered in my insecurity what my classmates would say if I had a boyfriend in a wheelchair. They’d surely have asked me a host of questions about his disability Spina Bifida. Now I’d tell them to mind their business.

Then I had my first boyfriend and then another, we both just rolled with it. The funny thing is, he got on with them better than I did. So, my feelings for him just got pushed to the side. They were the best days of my life.

Slowly, things changed. Tom became much more confident especially when he left for college. I now had to share him with the world. It was him telling me about his first kiss, his first girlfriend. I never expected it to affect me but it did. Then, I started to dream about him.

He was a large part of the reason why I left. I needed to get away. I had shown up on campus unexpectedly. All he could talk about was his new girlfriend. To make matters worse, we bumped into her and she was gorgeous. I was heartbroken and resolved to push on with my life. Of course, I was always going to see him again.

I quickly close the door of the car and walk into the bar of the hotel. There he is waiting for me at a table in the distance. Briefly, I stop in my tracks. He is immaculately dressed in a suit in his wheelchair and he looks so damn hot with bulging arms. He has been working out and now I feel a tingle, before we even speak.

Part 3

Katy looks stunning as she walks towards me. She is wearing a long, black dress, her bare shoulders caressed by her long, dark hair. Just as well that I put in a bit of effort myself. She leans down and kisses me on the cheek, giving me a whiff of her alluring fragrance before sitting down.

“So good to see you. It’s been a while!”

“Yes, it has,” she replies with a wide smile, “so, how have you been? I must say you’re looking very good these days.”

“Ah you noticed, yeah I’m doing a bit of weight training each night. I’ve been at it for the last eighteen months. I found that it helps clear my head, keeps me grounded. Other than that I’m working away at the accounting online. It’s been a life saver, makes my life so much easier. So tell me all about you and Australia! I really missed ya.”

Katie then told me about Australia, the heat and the lack of green. She had stayed in Perth, a place very different to Ireland.

“Are ya serious, the pubs close at 10pm?”

This is one place, I would never bother going to. Talk about boring.

By now, we are both enjoying their meal. I went for some salmon, whereas Katy gone had gone for turkey and ham.

In between bites Katie interjected.

“So, are you still seeing her?”

“No, it didn’t work out unfortunately. We decided it was best. How bout you? Were you a good or naughty girl over there?”

“It turned out Australians are not my type,” she replied with a small smile, while brushing her hair back with her hand.

Is she flirting with me? Nah it’s just me dreaming.

The conversation then switches to our families and how the different people we know are doing.

Unfortunately the time flew and it would soon be time for me to head home.

“What about a night cap? You can go in the morning? Come on, I haven’t seen ya in ages,” Katie said intensely, looking right into my eyes.

Well, I was never going to refuse a night cap with a beautiful woman. I’m weak that way.

With that, we went out to our cars and headed to her apartment.

Part 4

Oh God, I can’t believe I’m bringing Tom back to my flat and that I was so forward about it! Hope he doesn’t think I’m easy. Not sure what to do now! He’s following in the car right behind mine. Fortunately, my place is close by but I need to act cool now.

It takes eight minutes to arrive at my flat. I pull up beside the door and he parks next to me. I get out of my car and watch his muscular body as he maneuvers onto his manual wheelchair. With that, we head into my kitchen and I get one of the bottles of red wine that I had stashed away for just such an occasion.

It goes down well and it’s not long till we’re both finished our first glasses. For a while, we talk about old times and he tells me that he had a massive crush on me when were younger. I can feel the sexual tension.

“I really did miss you Katie, when you left for Australia.”

Tom is now holding my hand.

“I thought about you all the time you were gone.”

With that, I feel him rubbing my hand with his thumb. It’s driving me wild with desire.

I lean across him, kissing him on the mouth, biting his upper lip. He kisses me back, briefly sucking on my lower lip. I feel his hands caressing my breasts, but the wheelchair is getting in the way. I take his hand and lead him to my bedroom where a double bed awaits.

We quickly take off our clothes and get into the bed. I’ve never seen him do a transfer so fast. I anticipate the feeling of his rough hands on my soft body, the excitement building within me.

“Lay back,” I say as I push my palms down onto Tom’s bare shoulders, the back of his head cushioned into the pillow. I kissing his chest as he fondles my breasts. Then, he indicates for me to hold his penis. Tentatively, I begin to stroke my hand back and forth.

I’m surprised that he has an erection, but say nothing and he enters me. Our bodies become a grinding whole for ten minutes, before an orgasm flows through my very being and I collapse beside him. Without thinking I then snuggle up to him and fall asleep.

Part 5

There she is lying naked next to me. This is something I would have only dreamed about till now. It was one of the best nights of my life and it all felt so natural. She didn’t ask about my colostomy bag. Something, that I’ve hated having to tell women about. But she knew all about that already from when we were young. Perhaps, that is the real meaning of intimacy.

The erection was probably a bit of a surprise. I decided to hope for the best and slip a Viagra on the way to her house. She’ll probably tease me about it later in a good way.

But what is our next step?

What happens when you sleep with your best friend?

I guess I just have to hope for the best.

I run my fingers through her long, dark, brown hair. For the first time that morning , she opens her eyelids and looks lovingly into my eyes and says, “Hey, imagine seeing you here,”

With that, I know everything will be just fine as we begin to kiss once again.

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