Nuclear War and Personal Assistants

I was watching a very interesting youtube video the other day.  Something to cheer me up on an otherwise dreary and depressing day.

There are an estimated 15,000 nuclear warheads in the world.  That’s three nuclear warheads or bombs for every city with a population of one hundred thousand people or more.  Roughly half of the worlds population would be immediately obliterated.

I know what your thinking readers – so, not too bad then.  I do feel sorry for all the people with disabilities that would die.  That would be a tragedy.

But Mullingar would be just fine.  In fact, the sky would be filled with pretty colours.  I used to worry about a nuclear winter but apparently the world would only get one or two degrees cooler for a few decades.  Global warming would be solved!

There would of course be dead zones for a few thousand years but I could take or leave Dublin anyway, no real loss.

But then during my pleasant daydream I felt something uncomfortable.  Would my PAs still show up for work in the apocalypse (worrying times indeed)?  It dawned on me that I may be the first ever person to think of this problem.

Like, who would get the charred bodies out of my way?

Fortunately, I have a solution.

We could insert something into their brains that will cause them immense pain if they don’t show up.  I’m such a genius, I will immediately write to the Taoiseach.

Till next time