Wheelchair Wars (Part 18)

The Gargantuan world is bereft of Civilization due to their ferocity. But they escape extermination only due to my admiration – The Emperor.

It was like a different planet. They had come from darkness and sickness. But here, the tunnels were lit brightly, and they were spacious with marble floors. Even, the simple act of breathing was different on this level. There was no filth or dust in the air. Timothy noticed that his father had even stopped coughing. People were more beautiful on this level too; they all had their teeth and were dressed in immaculate white or navy robes. Nobody looked old.

Timothy noticed that they were lauded wherever they went. Crowds would reach out to touch them as they yelled and screamed their adoration. It made him feel awkward and unworthy. Their previous battles had been watched, even here at this high level.

They were provided with a new camp close to the Groak Stadium. It was the only place where they could talk together as a group.

“So how are you all finding Level 1?” Timothy asked.


“Like a dream.”


He nodded in agreement as he looked around at their new base. It even had windows where you could see the purple sky surrounding distant mountains.

The fight was due to take place in five time-cycles. There was much preparation that needed to be done. First, they would need to see the fighting arena though.

Review of “The Beijing Conspiracy” by Shamini Flint

Hi readers. Hope life is good with you all. I have just finished the above novel and thought I’d let you know what I thought.

First of all, the blurb from the book itself –

One man is caught up in a lethal global conspiracy in this explosive spy thriller.

“I need your support. There is no one else I can trust. Please help her. Please help our daughter.”

When ex-Marine Jack Ford receives a letter containing news of a daughter he never knew he had, he feels compelled to return to China, a country he hasn’t visited since 1989 when, as a young American spy, he fell in love with a beautiful student activist and found himself caught up in the horrors of the Tiananmen Square massacre. But why has Xia got in touch now, after a thirty-year silence?

On arrival in Beijing, Jack finds himself accidentally in possession of an explosive piece of information both the Chinese and American governments are desperate to get their hands on. Alone in a strange city, suspected of being a traitor by his own side, not knowing whom to trust, Jack is faced with an impossible dilemma: should he save his new-found daughter or prevent a new world war from breaking out? –

I think it can be best described as a political action thriller. And not one that the Chinese Communist Party would be too impressed about either. If I suddenly disappear, you can guess what happened! It starts off and ends at a frenetic pace. In between not so much and it was tough to keep on reading at times. The book is very long, contains a multitude of characters and can at times be difficult to keep on top of. The intrigue revolves around two different factions in the Chinese government – one wants the status quo, the other liberalization and democracy.

It also relies somewhat on coincidence, which I found a tad unfulfilling. One man after very many years of inactivity finds himself at the heart of two conspiracies at the one time. A bit of a long shot.

There were things I really enjoyed. The action scenes are enjoyable and very well written. I also found the relationship between Ford and Xia, his old love to be suitably complex and interesting.

All in all, I’d give it three stars out of five.

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Wheelchair Wars (Part 17)

The Emperor is your God. You must suffer for his glory – The Emperor

Timothy was still sleeping when the boom of the speakers called all fighters to the ready hall. He had been practicing new combat maneuvers long into the allotted sleeping time and was now late getting up. Unusually, he could sense excitement in what was usually a drone like voice. Just a minute later his Da entered his quarters.

“There’s a lot of excitement out there. We need to get up fast.”

“What’s going on?”

“I don’t know son, but it’s big, really big.”

By the time he managed to get dressed and into the wheelchair, there were already roars of “Omega, Omega”.

He raced into the main hall. There was a euphoric atmosphere.

He reached his group, who looked more forlorn and serious than the rest.

“What is it?”

“We’re to battle Gargantuans on Level 1,” Caoimhne sobbed.

He felt his pulse race. Gargantuan were legendary creatures from a neighboring star system. They were huge and loved tearing humans to pieces. But was it fear or excitement that he was feeling, he was unsure. He also sensed an opportunity. The fight would be on Level 1 and the battle would be in the great Croak Stadium that could hold over a hundred thousand spectators. This could change all their lives forever. He just wondered if the others would be up to the task.

Then he roared out “Glory to the Omega”.

If nothing else, it would be a glorious death.

Wheelchair Wars (Part 16)

Eat, drink, train, repeat. That was now the story of his life. Each time cycle seemed the same as the last. For good measure, he would watch videos of other Wheelchair Wars videos in his spare time. He knew that his life and those of the rest of his warriors depended on it. It was impossible to know who their next opponents would be, so there was always more research that could be done.

There was a growing distance between himself and Audrey. She no longer accompanied him to review battles. He was unsure why, but it seemed she didn’t want to spend time alone with him anymore.

It saddened him. He had enjoyed the intimacy and the feeling that he could be special to someone. At times, his Da seemed to sense something was up.

“Why don’t you just go and talk to her?”

But he never responded.

Their squad had been given two new replacements to keep them at their original strength. There was Derek, whose only disability appeared to be his short stature. He didn’t use the wheelchair apart from fighting. Some of the others threatened to drive over him when they saw he was out of his wheelchair as if he was insulting them. The other was Caoimhne, who had no feelings below her waist. She had long, curly black hair and was quite attractive. She recoiled at some of the fighting though, which wasn’t a good sign for her long-term survival.

They were inexperienced but eager to learn. They readily accepted his leadership, never questioning what he wanted them to do. He just hoped that they could survive the next battle.

Wheelchair Wars (Part 15)

Timothy hadn’t realized how stratospheric this victory would be. His Dad told him that it had been beamed throughout the planet.

“Everybody, even at the highest layers now knows your name.”

It took over a time cycle for him to get back to the base. Huge crowds lined every tunnel. Some reached out in their rags and tried to touch him as if he had magical power.

Pregnant mothers roared out that they wanted their babies to have his twisted limbs and to be just like him. It was something that he had never expected to hear.

He was exhausted on his return but there was no time for rest. Once again, his father undressed him and left him naked on the bed. He still wasn’t sure what to make of what was happening.

This time a different woman entered his room. He suddenly felt strange, she was beautiful and unlike anything that he had seen before. She was black; naturally, not from the pollution that pervaded the city. Her dark eyes and sublime smile immediately seduced him.

“Don’t worry I will look after you champ.”

And she did. It was an experience unlike any other.

But this time, the celebrations were still not over. He was woken and dressed by his father, then brought out where all the team was assembled. They were given a drink called whiskey. The taste was strange, but they drank a few cups each. He began to feel strange. Happy, then sad. He thought about the two team members that had died on the mountain – Ciaran and Mairead. He could see tears rolling down Audrey’s face and went to be by her side.

“You okay?

“Not really, I’m going to miss Mairead. I keep thinking of her falling down that stupid mountain.”

“You still have me?”

“But for how long?”

With that, she left the group to be on her own.

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Review of “Confessions of an Irish Rebel” by Brendan Behan

I first came across the name of Brendan Behan when I was reading about Christy Brown. Socially, they were on friendly terms but Brown was anxious to match his success. Behan, just like Brown was a voracious drinker, and it played a significant role in his early death at the age of forty-one.

This book was released posthumously. It tells the story of his life, in his own inner voice after Borstal Boy (when he was imprisoned for attempting to bomb the Liverpool docks). Brendan dictated this book during the last years of his life. Thankfully, the book had been completed, but it had not been edited by Behan. It tends to wonder at times and is a bit loose here and there. It can meander from one subject to the next and at times it can be hard to keep track of.

More importantly, for me anyway it leaves many questions unanswered. He never states why he drifted away from the IRA, just that he did. There is nothing about how he feels about his poor health in the end or about his illegitimate child (a further child is born to his wife post death).

However, it is very well written and has many very funny sub stories. One of the funnier aspects is how he gets on with some of the British police and prison guards. For instance, after another stint in prison, he is given the option to get out if he agrees to leave the country. A policeman goes with him to the port and they both get drunk along the way. He is supposed to spend his last night in another prison but they won’t let him in as they say he is too drunk! The book is full of such anecdotes and can be very laugh out loud at times.

Another, is when he’s working for a pimp in Paris from one of the pubs. A man is there with his mother, so they convince her that her son heading to a late night mass only for men.

He never talks about his own liaisons, but the book gives me the impression that there were many. It’s a pity cause I’m sure there must have been some stories left out.

The book ends quite abruptly. Probably, on his death he didn’t want to say too much about those he loved most.

I give this book 3.5 stars out of 5.

Wheelchair Wars (Part 14)

And they were off. Five teammates to his left and four to his right. It didn’t take them long to pick up immense speed. Never before had he felt such exhilaration as he slid down the dirty white surface. Split second decisions constantly had to be made. Turn left or turn right. It was all happening so fast.

And then there were eight. Two of his teammates made bad decisions. One of them hit a rock, leading to only small parts of the wheelchair to continue on the journey. The other made an incorrect turn and flew off the side of the mountain to certain death.

Only seconds later and they would meet the Beta. Timothy could sense the fear from the others through his visor’s communication device so he shouted –

“Glory to the Omega”

Then, far more more importantly the instructions “Action 1”.

With this, they formed a pincer formation. They were closer together, a solid centre. It had taken hours to perfect in training. One false move and they would crash into each other obliterating their chances.

Then the first sighting of Beta came from 9 o’clock. They headed straight for each other. Beta panicked when they saw the tight formation with many veering off course in fear to certain annihilation. The few that were remaining were quickly shredded by the tightly packed saws and swords that jutted out from the ski-wheelchairs as the mountainside turned crimson.

It was all over quickly.

“Action 2”

With the enemy vanquished, they expanded the distance from one another and slowed as much as they could. No point taking risks as they safely made their way down the mountain.

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August update

Hello my dear readers. I do hope you are all keeping good. Alas, my holidays are over so I won’t be able to write as often as I had been doing. I have to say it was a great break. The Fleadh was brilliant and the throngs of people, music and atmosphere is something I will never forget. The auld liver won’t forget either.

At moment as you will have noticed, I’m mostly writing romance and science fiction these days.

I’m thinking of turning my romance short stories into a short book. I might need one or two more stories to go with it. Do hope that you are enjoying them.

As regards the science fiction, I’m thinking of making Wheelchair Wars into a book but once more, there is a long way to go. I have a fairly clear idea of where I want it to go.

This month has been the best ever for my blog with 360 views so far. I got 68 views in one day! It still needs to be rejigged somewhat but I guess it will always be about constant improvement.

As always be great to hear back from my readers so don’t be afraid to leave a comment.

Till next time.

Wheelchair Wars (Pt 13)

As Timothy looked out through his visor at the purple sky, he knew that he would never forget this time cycle. Even if it was to be his last, it would have been worth it. The world and even existence itself was so much bigger than he ever thought possible.

It had been a long journey for him and the rest of his team of warriors to reach the summit of Mount Mangerton. They each made their own way through the bowels of the foul city. Then onto hovering cabins that travelled at an unfathomable speed. His father told him that they were called “trains”.

Most of the journey was in darkness as it pummeled through the city, But then there was light. Timothy looked out in wonder at the tall mountains in the rugged, rocky, reddish landscape. It was unlike anything he had previously seen.

It still took hours before the first sighting of their destination.

Mount Mangerton stood out from everything around it. The train dropped them off many miles from the destination but it still covered half the sky. A speaker warned the passengers of the toxic atmosphere and protective suits that had to be put on. They then entered a steel cabin that lifted them up to a small settlement at the summit.

It took a few hours for everybody to arrive. Now his comrades were to his left and right. Beta were disembarking from the other side but they would quickly merge at the first choking point for battle.

Now, he had to hope all that training paid off.

A Swedish Romance Part 7

I am stunned. Here, I am trying to concentrate on my trigonometry class but all I can think about is what happened last night.

It all started about two weeks ago when I kissed a pretty girl in the bar. Ulrika apparently saw me what happened and seemed a bit off. I wondered if she had gotten a bit jealous or something. But, I decided that was just too unlikely. There must be something else up with her.

Then over the next few days she started to mention that we don’t talk as much as we used to. So, I stayed in and chatted to her. Who could blame me, she is so gorgeous?

Then she started telling me about troubles with her boyfriend.

“Don’t worry. He knows that he could never do better than you.” She would smile and occassionally touch my shoulder, sending a wave of excitement through me.

Then yesterday, the boyfriend sent an email message stating that he had found someone else, it was one of her friends. It was the first time I’d seen her cry.

“Ulrika, don’t cry you are so beautiful and smart. You will find somebody else.”

With that she gave a warm and then looking me straight in the eyes, pecked me on the lips. Then she broke away and went into her room for a while. She had gathered herself somewhat and we didn’t say much.

Then as I was sitting on the side of the bed and she was removing my shirt and vest, she said.

“You are a great man.”

Then she leaned in and kissed me again. This time I could her tongue on my lips and I opened my mouth. A few moments later, she removed my top and leaned me gently on the bed before removing my trousers.

I felt her kissing my chest. Then she straddled me, grinding back and forth as we kissed passionately. It was the best experience of my life.

But what happens next, I have no idea.


What have I done? I won’t lie, I don’t regret it. Aidan is a special man, intelligent, consideration who doesn’t realize how hot he his. As I was putting him to be, I looked into those beautiful, blue eyes and went for it.

His body was surprisingly firm and he lasted much longer than I thought he could. I loved kissing that hairy chest and rubbing his long, thin arms.

What next?

Who knows. But I know what we’ll be doing tonight.