Park Drives

In many ways I am a very fortunate guy even apart from my good looks and good breeding, I live close enough to where I work, that if the weather is not too inclement, I can go back and forth in my wheelchair.  Part of this journey takes me through the town park each day.

I get to see during the warmer months of the year the kids playing on the swings full of happiness and joy.  The parents’ faces do be full of pride and hope for the future.  lt warms my heart that in just a few short years all that happiness, all that joy will meet and be snuffed out by the drudgery of modern life.

Yes, if only they knew that after they get through all that english grammar and times tables, they can look forward to becoming a clog in the capitalist system working long hours to further boost all important bank profits; it really is such a beautiful world.

The park also has a lovely pond during the winter, but one suffocated by algae during summer.  Perhaps it’s so people, maybe even the fish will pay to go to the swimming pool.

There are works going in the town at the moment widening many of the footpaths.  Let me say categorically, it has not been done on health and safety grounds because of me.  Any such accusation is libellous and will be fought in the courts.

I’ve only had a handful of crashes.. I swear, that old lady that died last year practically jumped in front of me!  And that toddler wasn’t looking where he was going.  Honestly, people these days.

I do feel that these works are causing traffic logjams around the place and now people are trying to make up a bit of time on some of the orbital roads but don’t worry I have a plan – speedbumps.  Yes I’ll write in to the County Council tomorrow, it will make me so popular in the community.