Every now and then I decide to do something totally crazy, but this time I might have totally lost the plot.  I decided to cancel my Sky subscription, afterall I could still watch Netflix, have some of the free channels and the RTE player.  Sure, I’ll hardly notice I thought to myself.

That first night I was quite proud of myself thinking of all the suckers paying for their sky; I was now just better than the average person.  Admittedly I was somewhat surprised by how few stations I now had, but I was brave even if there was now no Rte.

Night 2 – A slight flaw in my cunning plans.  My “smart” tv, which in my mind is new is actually a few years old and is now incompatible with the internet, apart from netflix.  Even RTE is dodgey.

Night 5 – This might even be worse than when I tried to give up alcohol for a month.  That didn’t end well..  There are not even enough channels to mindlessly flick through. Aaaargh!

Week 2 – Oh how great it would be to see people being ripped apart on The Walking Dead once more, an interesting documentary on anything except food or even just hear the chimes before six one.  All those small pleasures have now been whittled away.

Week 3 – My “precious”.  Must get my “precious” back.

Week 4 – Note to oneself – Never attempt abstinence of anything again.  It’s just not me.  Now me and My Sky are back together for ever and ever.

I believe in better.