Wheelchair Wars (Part 22)

Please kill me and release me from this torment – Anonymous Alexi Slave

The noise and crowds grew larger, growing increasingly manic as they approached the stadia. By the time they reached the entrance, a cordon of soldiers was in place to help them get through. At times, though, the crowd pulsed forward blocking the way. Timothy was thankful that they were in their battle wheelchairs, or they would be in danger of getting crushed. At times, he could hear the roars of people whose feet had suffered that fate under a battle chair.

Finally, they made their way inside. Now they just had to wait for the large door to draw open and they could enter the arena. He turned round to speak to his comrades in arms.

It was dark and he could only just about make out where everybody was.

“Remember the plan. Today, we live or die as one. Each of you know what you have to do and what role you are expected to play. Glory to the Omega!”

He turned and waited.

The large door slowly drew open, and once more they were being hit by a wall of noise.

It was exactly as he had hoped. The lighting was extremely dim just like the home world of the Gargantuan. He could see it in the distance. It stood aloft on it six long legs and even from a distance, he could make out its mandibles.

His army of warriors filed out to take up their positions slowly surrounding the monstrous creature. From the videos, he knew that it had a curious nature and if unthreatened would give them the required time. It was an anxious few minutes before they were all in position.

The Gargantuan had seen enough now and began to take move.

Timothy roared “lights” through the communications device.

A light had been placed on the top of each battle chair and they now shone brightly dazzling the creature.

Each battle chair had been armed with a machine gun. They now all fired in unison aiming at its torso so that they wouldn’t kill each other.

It swayed back and forth before charging to its left where Caoimhne was positioned, its mandibles lifting and crushing her body in an instant before hurling it and the battle chair away.

Then it charged at another warrior and another. It was going in a circle killing one after another.

He gave the order to break formation and charge.

He stuck his chair on full speed and headed straight for it. He could only hope for the best now as he heard the roars of the others fall silent. His light still dazzled the creature and as he had broken formation it didn’t sense to lash out and kill him.

He had tilted the wheelchair as he had approached but the bullets were still not doing the expected damage. But, then he was under the creature, he noticed its soft underbelly. He stopped the battle chair and kept firing. Foul smelling blood poured over him. He could see that it was struggling to stand and expected to be crushed when it collapsed. But it fell on its side saving him.

The stadium went silent. He drove around to survey the dead monster and the body parts of his former comrades. Only himself and Audrey, were still alive.

Then the crowd started chanting hysterically –

“Glory to the Omega!”