Terror by Moonlight

It is almost pitch black, moonlight the only illumination; there is no wind or sound of any description.  Being a child, still not quite eleven years of age, I should surely have been home some hours before now.  The parents would be annoyed.

Effortlessly I glide towards the house.  There is no sound from my wheelchair, nor do I feel the bumps of any rough terrain.  I briefly wonder how I will enter but am surprised to find that the front door is slightly ajar; a sense of fear suddenly grips me but I push the door open and enter.

The lights are off and there doesn’t seem to be anybody there.  I roar out “Mam,” then “Dad” but there is no response, not even a murmer.

I proceed to go down the long hall; all the doors are wide open but there’s nobody in any of the rooms.  I grow more nervous, there is something very wrong.  Somehow, i know that there will is evil in the house that I must flee.

Without hesitation, I go back out the front door and head towards the school field at the back of the house, I know I’m in danger but I have to find my family.

And I do.  There they all are perfectly aligned on the grass; their eyes wide open with blood gushing from their dead bodies.

There is no time to mourn their loss, even shed a tear as someone or something is behind me.  I go as fast as I can but it is no good, something is reaching out for me ..

I awaken in a panic to the sound of the wind howling outside.  It was just a dream, just a dream..  At least that’s what I hope.

(Inspired by a true nightmare)