Working from home

Many people are saying that that this corona thing (didn’t that used to mean something else?) is going to have some very long lasting implications, one of which is this  working from home malarkey.  It’s like we all have been involuntarily put forward for some crazed experiment.

So, I thought that I’d put forward my own personal list of pros and cons, which hopefully won’t get me fired (for the record this is completely fictional, just like all the work I do).

Pro                                                                        Con

No commuting                                                    I get to work faster

Little supervision                                               Parents wondering why I’m watching tv

Freedom                                                               Created my own prison cell

No distractions                                                   Catching up with The Walking Dead

Isolation                                                                Getting lonely


So, as you can see I’m quite conflicted, which is just so not like me at all.  The big worry naturally is that I might boost my productivity.  Heaven forbid!  That would be a disaster, raising expectations is the last thing I want to do.  Hey, they might not want me to come back at all sure then.

Oh how I miss the simpler times – clocking in, clocking out.  The day had its own natural rythm.  Always make sure there were pages covering your desk so people would think your busy.  Make sure it sounds like you know what your talking about.  Hopefully, the good days will return someday.