Hello readers, I’m back again.  They didn’t tell me in Specsavers that I’d ever see 2020 but here it is.  It’s been quite a long hiatus but at least I did something somewhat productive in our time apart.  I have finished my latest novel!  Okay, so I’m getting it reviewed, I might have to rewrite large parts yet but hopefully not lol  So it’s going to be called “The Irish Ripper” and no, its not about flatulance, but rather the hunt for a serial killer that’s terrorizing Ireland.  As you can imagine, it will be for adult readers only or kids with money.  I’d never send kids with money away, that would be censorship and that is something I’m totally against, unless it’s something bad about myself naturally.

I have been watching lots of youtube videos about how to improve your writing.  Don’t use adverbs, character arcs, how to write an opening chapter etc.  They are very good, if only youtube was around for the Leaving Cert, I’d have got all As.  Okay so I might be exaggerating but I surely would have bested that D1 in ordinary level Irish.  Not sure if people will bother with school in the future, it’s become obsolete with the all knowing Google and youtube.  You don’t even have to get up early.  It’s almost too easy.  Although they do expect you to work very hard, maybe that’s because they’re American and take everything so serious.

Being reading “Pride and Prejudice” for what seems like forever.  There are three volumes and I’ve only gotten through the first one.  I almost want those sisters married off quickly as much as their mother!

So Christmas has once more come and gone.  Ah well, at least the summer will be shortly here.  Always prefer that time of year anyway and who knows, maybe I’ll be a millionnaire by then, fingers crossed.

Till next time..