One day in Croker (Part 10)

Over the next few days, Aoife and Stephen texted back and forth. Most of the texts were trivial but endearing –

How are you today?

Is work going okay?

Thinking of you.

He seemed to intrinsically know how to lift her spirits.

Usually, she felt terrible after interacting with men. But then, she rarely spent time getting to know them first either.

Then late one night, while she was curled up in her bed, he wrote –

I think you are so beautiful.

A rush of excitement flew through her.


Yes, really.

I think you are cute too.

With that their relationship seemed to enter a new level. He was there, but not there. Always by her side and never by her side. It was brilliant and yet excruciating. Why did she have to find someone in the backend of Kerry of all places?

Then one day the replies suddenly stopped. Her heart sank.

“What’s wrong? her sister asked.

But she couldn’t tell her. It was embarrassing. She had only met him once but her feelings had grown so strong.

Then two three days later in the middle of her workday, a text message arrived.

Sorry Aoife. I’ve been in hospital.

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