One day in Croker (Part 13)

Aoife awoke to light shining through the curtain. The day she had been waiting for had arrived. She picked up her mobile on the drawer next to her bed. It was eight in the morning . She wasn’t due at his house till ten thirty but she wasn’t the type to wait around.

She knew that the breakfast was from eight thirty. A note about it and which room was hers had been left under the mat at the entrance. She looked in the long mirror thinking she must make herself look as attractive as possible, while staying perfectly presentable. There was the possibility that she would bump into his parents who lived with him after-all.

After spending a good forty minutes trying to perfect her appearance, she made her way out for breakfast. Her hostess, a round woman with short dark hair in her fifties was waiting for her.

“Oh, hello dear. I didn’t get to see you last night. We had to head out. I hope everything was okay. You are the first up.”

“Oh, that’s fine. Yes, everything was fine.”

“Good, why don’t you sit at sit at one of those tables. What would you like?”

“An Irish breakfast?”

“One Irish breakfast coming up.”

This was the other thing Aoife had been looking forward to. Some nicely cooked sausages, rashers and egg. It tasted every bit as good as she hoped.

There was time for a brisk walk down town before she had to leave. Killarney was exactly as she had expected, a nice quaint tourist town with narrow streets. She wondered if Stephen managed to make it into town often. He sent her a text to make sure she was still on her way.

Then the time arrived for her to get into her car and head to his place. He lived a few miles out of the town. It was full of left turns and right turns. Thank God for GPS and eircodes.

Then she arrived. Her palms were sweaty, the last thing that she would have wanted.

It was a large dwellings almost fully covered by large bushes and trees. There was nothing for it but to walk to the front door.

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