Wheelchair Wars (Part 16)

Eat, drink, train, repeat. That was now the story of his life. Each time cycle seemed the same as the last. For good measure, he would watch videos of other Wheelchair Wars videos in his spare time. He knew that his life and those of the rest of his warriors depended on it. It was impossible to know who their next opponents would be, so there was always more research that could be done.

There was a growing distance between himself and Audrey. She no longer accompanied him to review battles. He was unsure why, but it seemed she didn’t want to spend time alone with him anymore.

It saddened him. He had enjoyed the intimacy and the feeling that he could be special to someone. At times, his Da seemed to sense something was up.

“Why don’t you just go and talk to her?”

But he never responded.

Their squad had been given two new replacements to keep them at their original strength. There was Derek, whose only disability appeared to be his short stature. He didn’t use the wheelchair apart from fighting. Some of the others threatened to drive over him when they saw he was out of his wheelchair as if he was insulting them. The other was Caoimhne, who had no feelings below her waist. She had long, curly black hair and was quite attractive. She recoiled at some of the fighting though, which wasn’t a good sign for her long-term survival.

They were inexperienced but eager to learn. They readily accepted his leadership, never questioning what he wanted them to do. He just hoped that they could survive the next battle.

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