Love and War (Romance) Pt. 2

The walk only took a few minutes. Now, that the rain had stopped, a few of the locals were out and trodding the streets. The odd person would give her a smile, but mostly they just sailed by. She loved being outside, breathing the fresh air.

It didn’t take her long to reach the coffee shop. She liked it as it reminded her of a place back home. Also, the middle-aged woman who worked there had always been kind and friendly since she had arrived. Her favorite spot was a table just outside the front door where she could survey everything that was happening from a distance. It wasn’t that she was particularly nosey, just that she found the comings and goings of ordinary life soothing.

“Ah, how are you today, Tatiana? What can I get you?”

“I am good, Americano please.”

Tatiana handed her some coins.

“Ah good to hear dear. What an awful morning eh? I’ll drop that out to you with the change.”

“Oh, thanks.”

The sun finally penetrated the clouds as she sat down. Then, she saw something unusual in the distance. It was a guy in a wheelchair accompanied by a woman walking beside him. Were they lovers or something else? She always had this “thing” for guys in wheelchairs. Something, that she thought was probably best to keep to herself. He was handsome too, with sandy brown hair and dressed immaculately in a suit. Who was this guy? The girl was pretty and had a habit of smiling at him.

They were close now, she tried to look away but with limited success.

For a brief moment their eyes met. She was feeling warm inside.

“Here’s your coffee and change love.”

“Oh, how are you, Daniel? Will I open the other door?”

“No, I should be fine, thanks.”

With that they were inside, and Tatiana was once more alone. She quickly drank her coffee and left.

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