One day in Croker (Part 11)

Aoife was elated but also worried when she received it. At least she hadn’t been ghosted but he could be really unwell. That was the last thing that she would have wanted.

She started flicking her pen and looked at the computer screen. It was filled with seemingly random numbers that she needed to make some sort of sense out of.. A report was due that morning. She had two hours left. It wasn’t looking good.

She got up and went out outside. She knew what was important to her and picked up her phone.

“Hey Stephen, how are things?”

“Ah Aoife, thanks for ringing. I’m doing better now. Great to hear your voice. Yeah, I haven’t been well. Got a really bad flu or something but I’ve started to improve.”

“I was worried about you when you didn’t text. Can I come down and see you?”

“Not yet, but I should be better in two weeks or so. Maybe next month?

“Yes I’ll arrange to visit then. Have to go but I’m looking forward to seeing you.”

“Me too.”

Aoife couldn’t but go back to the office with a smile on her face.

Later that night the regular texting resumed.

  • Can’t wait to see you Aoife xx
  • Me too. You had me worried there for a while xx

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